A Well Thought Out Scream Blogs (written for the e-magazine Men of Value)

Following is a list in order of the 67 Blogs I have written for the e-magazine Men of Value. Since the magazine centers on men of faith (You know, people who believe something!), a few of the blogs are about how faith is under attack in some places (such as the Mayor of Houston requiring that all pastors in her city submit their sermons to the mayor’s office for approval), but most of the blogs cover a wide variety of subjects that interest me although Futuristic Technology like Robots and Super Weapons and the fulfillment of End Times Prophesies appear more than once. There are also more than one blog concerning America becoming a Prison State and how Manipulative and Torturous Confession Techniques have quadrupled false confessions in America. Anyway, while it’s certainly not all fun stuff, I think some of you will enjoy reading the blogs. Here’s the list:
A Well Thought Out Scream
Blogs Written for the e-magazine Men of Value by James Riordan (http://menofvalue.com/)
Beginning with January 4, 2015 and continuing through April 25, 2016
1) Christian Couple Released from Prison
2) Houston Withdraws Demand that Pastors Turn Over Their Sermons
3) NASA Says Winters are Going to be Colder
4) One Third of Americans Put Off Medical Care in 2014 Due to High Costs!
5) Christian Mother to be Executed for Speaking against Mohammad
6) Corporate Battles over the Internet
7) Bill Gates Voices Concern about Robots
8) NYPD Promise new Counter-Terror Unit won’t be Armed with Machine Guns
9) New Jet Reaches Anywhere in Just 4 Hours
10) Isis Destroys 3,000 Year Old Artworks
11) Time for Some Illinois Politics!
12) Floating Trees may Preserve Wildlife
13) Hadron Collider Experiment Seeks Parallel Universe
14) Implanted Microchips Being Used in Stockholm
15) New China Missile Can Reach any U.S. City!
16) Florida City Sending “Spies” Into Churches!
17) Government Mosquito Drones Could Extract Your Dna
18) Surviving Without a Pulse : The Continuous Flow Mechanical Heart
19) Robots can now Learn by Watching Videos
20) Killer Robots and a Google Robot Army
21) Oldest Gospel Text Discovered
22) Reporter Survives Time Spent with Islamic State Fighters
23) U.S. Committee Chooses Boston for 2024 Olympics
24) FDA Says Gene-Modified (GMO) Produce Safe to Eat
25) Teachers in Turkey Attacked by Police During Peaceful Protest
26) A War of Culture
27) Chinese Stocks Biggest Decline Since 1992
28) America Behind Bars
29) New Horizons Explores Pluto – the Oddball Planet
30) Scientists Discover a New Weapon Against Disease
31) Gun Killings Drop 40% after Connecticut Law
32) India Sues Nestle for Tainted Noodles
33) California Law Bars Grand Juries in Police Lethal Force Cases
34) Russia is Building Tesla’s Legendary Tower!
35) 37 Million Bees Found Dead in Ontario, after Planting Large GMO Corn Field
36) L.A. Plan to Reduce Traffic Ignites Fears of Gridlock
37) Hawking Changes Black Hole Theory
38) Paralyzed Man Walks Using Brain Power
39) CIA Admits Role in 1953 Iranian Coup
40) 10 Futuristic Weapons that Will Change Modern Warfare
41) False Confessions on the Rise
42) The $70,000 Minimum Wage Experiment!
43) Coach Fired for Praying with Team
44) Attempts to Measure CO2 Growth Enters Second Year
45) Mankind may be Much Older than We Think
46) California Reduces Prison Population
47) The Coming Healthcare Revolution
48) Cook County Jail is now the Largest Mental Health Facility in Illinois &the Nation
49) Martin Shkreli has Been Arrested in a Securities Fraud Case
50) Underwater Treasures!
51) The Antichrist, the Beast, 666 and Other Scary Things about End Times Theology
52) Music’s Top Moneymakers in 2015 Contain a Few Surprises!
53) Cosmic Explosion 570 Billion Times Brighter than the Sun
54) Apocalyptical Red Sandstorm Turns Tobruk, Libya into a Blood Red City
55) Physicist Ties Himself to A Building and Falls to the Ground to Prove Theory
56) This 3d-Printed Gun is Semiautomatic, Untraceable, and Totally Legal
57) Coke Bust Worth $172 Million!
58) Meteor Explodes with more Force than the Hiroshima Bomb
59) Peyton Manning Retires, Arguably the Best Ever
60) Scientists Locate Part of Brain that Houses Loneliness
61) New North Korea Threat Targets Manhattan
62) Bizarre Things The Orbiter has Spotted on Mars
63) Pregnant T-Rex Fossils may Contain DNA
64) New Study Claims Unicorns may have Existed and Even Interacted with Man
65) Japanese Satellite Destroyed by Unknown Causes
66) Shroud Of Turin and The Sudarium of Oviedo Covered the Same Person
67) Huge Tooth Found in Australia

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