Blood and Sand

In light of the current trouble in Israel, I feel compelled to share my song/video “Blood and Sand”. I wrote it with Andy Battrell. Curtis Battrell plays the drums on this track and Andy does all the rest. I’m doing the vocals with Andy and Misty Kohl singing the background parts. Hope you like it.

A Legend in My Own Time

This is another song from the “Search Engine” project. The song is called “Legend in My Own Time” and it’s about killers in general and spree killers specifically. Every face in here is that of a mass murderer except for a few jokes that I┬áput in. I wrote it with J.D. King. Dennis Sindberg plays sax and Tai Youell plays keys and J.D. does all the rest. I’m doing the vocals. Dave Spargur recorded the basic tracks and Tai Youell the overdubs. Hope you like it.

  • November 2012
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