Rwanda Report Validates Charges Made in My Book

The recently released Rwanda Report has validated and supported my investigation (considered controversial and far fetched at the time) that the government of France not only arranged the assasination of Rwanda’a president which triggered the genocide in which over a million people were horribly murdered, but actually trained the kill squads in torture and kill techniques and even participated in some of the executions. All this was done by France so they could keep a colonial hold on Rwanda. Obviously the French government considers the Rwandan a subhuman worth sacrificing for the ends of the white man. My apologies to my many My Space friends in France but the truth needs to be told.
What Century are these people living in?


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  1. Hello James…

    Hope you are doing well and it’s good to see that people responsible for the genocide are being held accountable for their actions. I am very interested in reading what you published on the subject. I don’t know if you remember me, but we met in Rwanda. It was back in 04 and we had a couple days near Ruhengeri in the northern part of Rwanda….
    Is it possible to buy the book from you or your homepage….

    See you and cheers

    Michael denmark

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